TrinGuard Specialized Security Solutions Limited was built on a solid foundation, resulting in a professional security organization geared to  providing our clients with the best and most up to date security solutions.

Company Overview

TrinGuard Specialized Security Solutions Limited takes pride in offering no-nonsense professional security/consultancy services that are second to none in Trinidad and Tobago. We boast one of the most rigorous selection and training processes anywhere, ultimately ensuring the highest level of security officer service and guarantee exceptional performance.

TrinGuard is an independent private security/consultancy practice, with a clientele base of both private individuals as well as organizations, and offer the following:

  • Outsourcing locally, regionally and internationally (human and technical);
  • Risk Assessment/Needs Analysis;
  • Confidential Clientele Advisory;
  • Provision of effective and workable solutions.

TSSSL was not created: it emerged in April 2011 as a company with a difference. Due to the change in the criminal climate and the resultant impact locally and internationally, everyone is concerned -and rightly so!- about the safety and well-being of themselves, families, employees and investments. Consequently, TrinGuard Specialized Security Solutions Limited was built on a solid foundation, resulting in a professional security organization geared to providing our clients with the best and most up to date security solutions. TrinGuard’s commitment to our clientele is to provide a different level of protection through the most advanced security methods, by continuously adopting a highly proactive approach to asset  protection, with the implementation of a well-equipped technical unit and highly specialized staff.

TSSSL specializes in several areas including corporate security solutions and protection to high profile clientele: companies and organizations requiring the highest level of protection for their assets. The TrinGuard Technical Operations Team has amassed over sixty (60) years of combined experience in training and security operations and advanced level protection. All instructors have either military or law enforcement service and experience (or the equivalent) and many possess specialized training sourced both locally and abroad. Our security personnel are only deployed for duty upon successful completion of the TrinGuard Military-Infused Law Enforcement Systems (M.I.L.E.S) program; an intricately prepared  training program designed and implemented by our team of security  specialists and facilitators.

TSSSL management and staff are quite capable and dedicated to working in conjunction with you, ensuring peace of mind, efficiency and professionalism, by way of our stellar security services. We will transform your concerns and objectives into our goals, and create customized and cost-effective security solutions to make these goals your reality. Through our effective protection programs, we ensure our clients on-going comfort, knowing that TSSSL is diligently and consistently watching over their investments, homes and families, with the greatest amount of commitment, integrity and efficiency.

With our vision for the future being clear, we would work diligently with you to provide the safest and most secure environment, free from worry and fear. To this end, our service provided embodies our ethos:

  • Trust
  • Confidentiality
  • Efficacy

Mission Statement

To work closely with all stakeholders to promote and maintain a safe, secure and worry-free environment for our clientele, through technology and specialized methods of dealing with criminal activities and emergency situations.

Vision Statement

To be the leading provider of efficient security services and training in Trinidad and Tobago and the Caribbean, by providing technologically-driven security solutions, reflecting our clients’ goals and image; stimulating client happiness and loyalty, whilst maintaining economic value; excellence through highly motivated security personnel, demonstrating that clients are cared for, valued and respected.




  • Security Management
  • Certified Anti-Terrorism Specialist
  • Certified Protection Specialist
  • Certified Firearm Instructor
  • Certified Instinctive Point Shooting Instructor
  • Military and Law Enforcement training

Over 24 years Combined Military, Law Enforcement and Private Security experience both locally and abroad.


BA Criminal Justice


  • BA Criminal Justice (Major: Police Science)
  • Certified in Intelligence Analysis (sensitive details not included)

13+ years intelligence experience (operational and analytical). Over 14 years administrative experience.