Our Services

TrinGuard was established based on the increasing mandate for not just the average security service, but one where where the client is valued, cared for and respected; driven on tenets of professionalism and safety and ensuring the recipients are safe under any given circumstance.

TrinGuard provides you with:

  • Unarmed officers
  • Intelligent access control and mobile video monitoring systems for plant turn arounds (TARs)
  • Design and implementation of modern state of the art Operations Security Command Centre.
  • K9 Officers: these dogs have been trained in all areas of protection which enable them to protect their human counterparts.
  • Front Desk / Reception-Style Security Services
  • Affordable Home Security Systems – for your personal protection in the comfort of your home.
  • Alarm and Electronic Security Division: Cameras, Surveillance Equipment, Panic Buttons, Card Access Systems, Electronic Locks, Automatic Gates, Intercom System, Barriers.
  • Security Escort Services
  • GPS Tracking Services
  • Background Checks and Investigations
  • Special confidential assignments

Special Services:

  • Strategic consulting advice
  • Resource Acquisition
  • Production and solution integration consultancy
  • Security & Logistics reviews
  • Special Ops Details
  • Local and International Journeyman Plans
  • Crisis Advisory
  • Exquisite Procurement (details provided upon request)